Not so uber

The UberDrive (as I like to call it) is completely cross-OS USB-compliant storage device – and can store a whopping 7 kilobytes of data. Admittedly this was never really a ‘project’; more so a result of a couple of hours’ fiddling around. Basically, I worked off of the back of one of microchip’s CDC storage class demos, flipped the config switches so that it would run on my model PIC (24FJ64GB002)instead of what it was designed for and modified the device name. Then I dissected an old USB cable, breaking it out into headers so that it could be used on the breadboard. After that I just used my rather nice LCD library (shameless self-advertisement right there) to add a little LCD display to it. Finito.

What I think is interesting about this though is the potential for something completely tiny and custom that stores files. Along the lines of this, maybe :D.