Had a little extra time in-between half-yearly exams — so I had a crack at doing some canvas stuff in Javascript:


Code’s probably not perfect (web development has never really been my forte) – but I’m yet to find any serious bugs so no matter, it works :D — Only about 250 lines, too. Tested in Firefox and Chrome, supports iOS and android browsers too with touch. Not sure if it works in IE, heh.

Mechanics are similar to Super Hexagon’s, except the difficulty ramps indefinitely and there aren’t any patterns – the field is completely random. If anyone’s able to get over 120 seconds, I’m proud — that’s just over as far as I can pull through :P

To get to it, click on the picture above or follow the shortlink: /static/legacy/hx.htm. Have fun!

Oh, and I hope I’m not breaking any copyright laws — drop me an email if I am.