Was lucky enough to get this featured on Hackaday! See: Rapidly Prototyping RF Filters

A guide to simulating microstrip filters in QUCS and prototyping them with copper tape on blank FR4 sheets. These super-cheap materials are good up to a couple gigahertz, as you'll see in the video.

Following a quick real-time demonstration, I simulate and build 2 microstrip filters, a 1GHz stepped-impedance LPF, and a 10GHz end-coupled BPF.

(Checkout the youtube description section for active timecode links)

2:05 - 1/4 wavelength stub build & tests 3:46 - Radial stub build & tests 4:18 - Stepped impedance microstrip LPF design 6:42 - Stepped impedance microstrip LPF build & tests 9:10 - Trimming the stepped impedance LPF 10:26 - Brief tutorial on synthesizing filters in QUCS 14:51 - Synthesizing a 10GHz end-coupled microstrip BPF 18:33 - 10GHz end-coupled BPF build & tests