Probably not something which increases my employment prospects, I thought I should stick this up here. Anyway, myself and a bunch of friends roll dice and pretend to destroy plastic every second Sunday. For anyone who’s familiar with 40k, I play Necrons and over the years have accumulated a little over 2000 points of the time-absorbing buggers. Against a nice backdrop of computing books so that I don’t forget my priorities, a picture:

Of course, I usually have the little guys packed up in boxes so visitors aren’t confronted by their deadly beauty too much.

Running roughly from back-left across, I have a Monolith, an Annihilation Barge, a Night scythe, 5 Lychguard, 5 Immortals, A Necron Lord, Nemesor Zahndrekh, Vargard Obyron, a generic Overlord, a Cryptek, 16 Warriors, and a bunch of [2 squads of 7 and 1 squad of 8] Canoptek Scarabs. A close-up of a kitbashed warrior aside a regular one:

hammerYeah, my camera isn’t all that fantastic but I think you can see the kind-of ceramic look I’ve aimed for with these guys. To finish, goddamn Tau, taken during one of our mini-tournaments (Don’t ask how it happened):taubuggery