14GHz Mixer Build & Experiments

Building a mixer based on the LTC5548 14GHz MMIC by LT, and a TCM1-83X+ by Mini-Circuits [plus bonus bodge wires ;)] After measuring LO leakage, conversion loss and IIP3 at different frequencies, I build a poor-man's tracking generator with it. I also talk (perhaps a bit too much) about HP's old signal identifier feature on my 8555A.

Thanks to LT and Mini-Circuits for providing samples of the components used in the video, I've definitely got bigger plans for these parts!

Design files are available at my other web page on this: http://sebholzapfel.com/2-14ghz-mixer-pcb-open-hardware/

An article I did on the PLL is here: http://sebholzapfel.com/14ghz-rf-synthesizer-pcb-experiments/

Vintage Crystal Oscillator Teardown & Experiments

Taking apart an old NDK 48MHz ovenized crystal oscillator from the 80s, making some measurements; and taking macro shots of the quartz. I make some initial frequency measurements before taking it apart, and then after ripping out the crystal I run it through a tracking generator to look for resonance peaks. Interestingly the crystal seems to operate at a slightly different frequency to what's written on the OCXO packaging, and the 'big' crystal package actually has a small one buried inside!