Recent Projects
  • 14GHz Synthesizer: PCB design and some initial experiments with a microwave PLL
  • 2-14GHz Mixer PCB: Cheap microwave mixer design for use in RF experiments.
  • eChronos RTOS: Lots of open-source contributions to the eChronos RTOS project. Recently working on introducing support for hardware memory protection units - see this repo, mpu branch.
  • TK1-SOM CAN daughterboard (Open Hardware): Design for a daughterboard that couples with the colorado TK1-SOM and allows it to communicate over CAN.
  • Yampa SFML integration: Haskell experiment, attempting to use SFML (a hardware accelerated multimedia library) with the Yampa FRP framework.
Old Projects (>2 years ago)
  • Haskell FDTD: An attempt to implement 1D Electromagnetic simulations in Haskell. Actually turned out working pretty well.
  • BBB Scope Clock Conversion: Exploiting a digital IO pin and the beaglebone's speed through a low-pass filter to do some fancy stuff on an old oscilloscope.
  • Switchblade Resource Monitor: An application that I wrote for Razer's switchblade devices to moniter system resource usage [I actually won an international award & a free laptop for this! See this screenshot from their website, and facebook post]. Here are a couple of screenshots.
  • 3D Presentations Experiment - This is a little application I wrote in C++ that lets you make presentations in 3D; similar to prezi's format but with the added dimension. Originally intended as a technical test of shaders for signed distance field text; it kinda grew.
  • Uber Hexagon: A clone of Terry Cavangh's 'Super Hexagon' that I wrote in JavaScript.
  • T3DL: A cross-platform 3D model viewer that rasterizes to a terminal window
  • Metanact (HSC Major Project) - A Spaceshooter written in C++, uses your filesystem to generate levels. Repository is here
Very Old Projects (>4 years ago)
  • SebPS: A constant current/voltage linear power supply with digital programmability
  • Playing with JavaScript: Using Javascript for purposes it wasn’t intended? Yes, please!
  • PiBreak: A hardware-accelerated C++ Breakout clone for the RasPi embedded linux platform.
  • Metanact: A C++ fast-paced 2D action space-shooter, levels taking place within your own filesystem (This post from a very early version of the game)
  • PyMU: A ruddy fast real-time serial IMU datalogging application.
  • 4-bit Pic24 LCD library: A simple HD44780 LCD library that uses less pins than usual; written in c for Microchip’s C30 compiler.
  • UberDrive: Fiddling around with the PIC24 USB stack generates the world’s sexiest thumbdrive.
Other things I'm up to
Ridiculously old projects (>8 years ago)
  • TextSweeper: Basically minesweeper, gone console in C++.
  • Experiments with VR: Some early experiments I did to do with VR. There's even a video I made on my super-primitive HMD back in the day you can watch here as embarassing as it is (Note the upload date! I think I was in year 9). It's kinda interesting how far VR has come in retrospect!