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Atomic IMU and some C++: A Generic VR system.

I began to re-cover the topic but never finished the process. Maybe next holidays given more time. In the meantime you can watch an ancient video of it working at the bottom of my old post.

Using an Atomic IMU from SparkFun, some Video Glasses from ebay, Some C++ and some duct-tape; a while ago I hacked together a Generic VR-type system. In this video I explain how it works, what I’m up to, and what I’m planning for it:

A class for constructing from raw IMU data, checks validation and combines bytes:

struct IMU_Data {  
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TextSweeper - A Minesweeper that has gone console

In all the time I spent at work experience with DPI IT (which was awesome, by the way) – I had a load of free time; in fact, in the 5 days I had there, there was about 7 hours of just sitting there doing nothing. My attempt at turning this time into something productive was this:


Basically – it’s just minesweeper but it runs on console:-

Download it here (includes source)

(inside the archive is a ‘bin’ folder, the executable is in there) Download is half a meg – but that’s only because of the bloated VC++ dlls

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D.I.Y Virtual Reality - A gaming interface?

This is an old post on the topic and I have completely re-covered it here

A little Backstory

A couple of months ago I began building a VR-type system (headtracking, HUD etc), with the (rather ambitious) requirement that it would be able to interface into* any game that I throw at it. *I succeeded (mostly), but before I get into that, I’m going to give some story of how it came to be:

V.R – For Noobs?

I first came up with the idea when I (by chance) came across these MyVu devices on eBay:


Myvu Personal Media

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